Welcome to Long Healing Prayer, where we believe in the power of prayer to heal the mind, body, and soul. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing space for individuals to connect with a higher power, find comfort in times of need, and experience the transformative power of prayer.

We believe that prayer is a powerful tool for healing, and we offer a variety of resources to support individuals on their healing journey. Whether you are seeking physical healing, emotional healing, or spiritual healing, we have resources to support you.

Our website offers a variety of resources, including guided meditations, healing affirmations, and prayer circles. Our prayer circles are a powerful way to connect with others and pray for healing collectively. We also offer one-on-one prayer support for individuals who are seeking personalized guidance and support.

At Long Healing Prayer, we believe that everyone deserves access to healing resources, regardless of their background or beliefs. We welcome individuals of all faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds to join our community and find support on their healing journey.

In addition to our online resources, we offer in-person events and workshops to help individuals deepen their spiritual practice and connect with others on a similar journey. Our events and workshops are designed to create a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals to explore their spirituality and connect with a higher power.

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive community for all individuals seeking healing and spiritual growth. If you’re ready to connect with a higher power and experience the transformative power of prayer, we invite you to join our community today.

Thank you for visiting Long Healing Prayer. We look forward to supporting you on your healing journey.

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