If you enjoyed the relaxing and peaceful Long Healing Prayer, take a glance at some of the other Bahai Prayers set to music.  Feel free to download them and take them on the go to play whenever you need. Some of these are obligatory prayers,  general prayers, occasional prayers, and special tablets.  It is our goal to set all the Bahai Prayers to music for you to enjoy for a lifetime, so keep checking back for new releases of your favorite Bahai Prayers. The ones below can be categorized as general prayers.

prayer for strength and healing

Bahai Prayers for Healing

Blessed is the spot, and the house, and the place, and the city, and the heart, and the mountain, and the refuge, and the cave, and the valley, and the land, and the sea, and the island, and the meadow where mention of God hath been made, and His praise glorified.


Below you will find copies of the Long Healing Prayer, Unity Prayer, Marriage Prayer, The Lords Prayer, Infant Prayer, Aid and Assistance Prayer, and Prayer for the Southern States to name a few.  Memorizing these prayers will come easier when you can sing it daily.  Explore and download your digital copy today.

Bahai Prayers for Newborn Baby

Having a newborn baby is one of the most joyful experiences life can offer.  This prayer for your new baby can bring tremendous amounts of peacefulness.  Listen to the relaxing music and play it for your new baby in the morning, during the day,  or the evening.  Download your mp3 version to place on your phone for on the go, or even on your laptop.   There may be times that your looking for a specific prayer because of what your going through.  Finding the right prayer can be easier by searching for them by category.

Bahai Prayers and Tablets for Children

"Called into Being" Infant Prayer

“Praised be Thou, O Lord my God! Graciously grant that this infant be fed from the breast of Thy tender mercy and loving providence and be nourished with the fruit of Thy celestial trees. Suffer him not to be committed to the care of anyone save Thee, inasmuch as Thou, Thyself, through the potency of Thy sovereign will and power, didst create and call him into being. There is none other God but Thee, the Almighty, the All-Knowing.

Lauded art Thou, O my Best Beloved! Waft over him the sweet savours of Thy transcendent bounty and the fragrances of Thy holy bestowals. Enable him then to seek shelter beneath the shadow of Thy most exalted Name, O Thou Who holdest in Thy grasp the kingdom of names and attributes. Verily Thou art potent to do what Thou willest, and Thou art indeed the Mighty, the Exalted, the Ever-Forgiving, the Gracious, the Generous, the Merciful.”


Bahai Prayers for Assistance

leaf, fall, autumn

Prayer for the Southern States

“O my God!  O my God!  Thou seest me in my lowliness and weakness, occupied with the greatest undertaking, determined to raise Thy word among the masses and to spread Thy teachings among Thy peoples.  How can I succeed unless Thou assist me with the breath of the Holy Spirit, help me to triumph by the hosts of Thy glorious kingdom, and shower upon me Thy confirmations, which alone can change a gnat into an eagle, a drop of water into rivers and seas, and an atom into lights and suns?  O my Lord!  Assist me with Thy triumphant and effective might, so that my tongue may utter Thy praises and attributes among all people and my soul overflow with the wine of Thy love and knowledge.

Thou art the Omnipotent and the Doer of whatsoever Thou willest.”


Healing Music Testimonials

"The Long Healing Prayer has absolutely fabulous melody and Allen's voice is lovely. Thank you for this wonderful gift. "
"I would like the prayer O Thou Kind Lord these lovely children are the handiwork of the figures of thy might, set to music please, please, please!"
"This has always been one of my favorite prayers. I was so happy to be able to just sit and listen to this beautiful rendition of the Long Healing Prayer. I was moved to tears! While listening I thought of all those in my life who were in need of healing of any kind. I am so glad to have this come to me. Thank you and Allah-u-Abha."
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The Lords Prayer

“Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, the Power and the Glory, Forever and ever, Amen.” – Matthew, 6:9-13.

Bahai Prayers for Humanity

With so much chaos ensuing countries around the globe, spending time in prayer for our leaders, and humanity can give us peace and calm during the storm.   Although we have a variation of prayers from the bahai faith set to music here, if you are interested in an more in depth learning of all the prayers, you can click the link below to link read more prayers.

Unity Prayer

O my God!  O my God!  Unite the hearts of Thy servants, and reveal to them Thy great purpose.  May they follow Thy commandments and abide in Thy law.  Help them, O God, in their endeavor, and grant them strength to serve Thee.  O God!  Leave them not to themselves, but guide their steps by the light of Thy knowledge, and cheer their hearts by Thy love.  Verily, Thou art their Helper and their Lord.

Aid and Assistance Prayer

“Lord!  Pitiful are we, grant us Thy favor; poor, bestow upon us a share from the ocean of Thy wealth; needy, do Thou satisfy us; abased, give us Thy glory.  The fowls of the air and the beasts of the field receive their meat each day from Thee and all beings partake of Thy care and loving kindness.

Deprive not this feeble one of Thy wondrous grace and vouchsafe by Thy might unto this helpless soul Thy bounty.

Give us our daily bread and grant Thine increase in the necessities of life, that we may be dependent on none other than Thee, may commune wholly with Thee, may walk in Thy ways and declare Thy mysteries.  Thou art the Almighty and the Loving and the Provider of all mankind.


couple, wedding, dawn

Marriage Prayer

“Glory be unto Thee, O my God!  Verily, this thy servant and this Thy maidservant have gathered under the shadow of Thy mercy and they are united through Thy favor and generosity.  O Lord!  Assist them in this Thy world and Thy kingdom and destine for them every good through Thy bounty and grace.  O Lord!  Confirm them in Thy servitude and assist them in Thy service.  Suffer them to become the signs of Thy Name in Thy world and protect them through Thy bestowals which are inexhaustible in this world and the world to come.  O Lord!  They are supplicating the kingdom of Thy mercifulness and invoking the realm of Thy singleness.  Verily, they are married in obedience to Thy command.  Cause them to become the signs of harmony and unity until the end of time.  Verily, Thou art the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent and the Almighty!