“Unless the spirit be healed the cure of the body is worth nothing”




STEP ONE on HOW TO PRAY FOR HEALING is to define the root problem.  What is the cause of the problem?

For example, imagine your friend is in need of a PRAYER FOR A BROKEN HEART.  You know your friends last five relationships ended because the one they were in love with lied to them. It would seem the root cause of your friends’ problem would be they choice, they keep picking the same person.  However, if we look a little deeper could it be your friend lacks discernment and for some reason keeps overlooking the importance of the character trait honesty? You might then be looking for a prayer for discernment or enlightenment . The root problem of your friend could simply be discernment. There could many others, but for simplicity this is used to demonstrate the process we should go through to discover the root problem instead of the symptom. Once you discover the root cause you are ready for step two.

Step Two in HOW TO PRAY FOR HEALING requires you to define what it would look to like if we were healed.  For example, are you using this HEALING PRAYER FOR HEALING THE BODY or (PRAYER FOR A BROKEN HEART, PRAYER FOR DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY, or is this a PRAYER FOR A BROKEN MARRIAGE? In essence is your end result healing of the physical, emotional, mental or all of the above? what would you like to see happen after you pray? Only after you answer this question can you go to step three.

STEP THREE in HOW TO PRAY FOR HEALING is contemplation using this HEALING PRAYER as a GUIDED MEDITATION with HEALING MUSIC. The benefits of a guided meditation is that it inspires you to think in ways which you may have overlooked and will remind you of the fact that God has a plan for you. Think about this, God programmed every cell in your body to know what to do, so trust in God.  The moment conception takes place a baby begins to grow.  Without doctors, it grows, without medication it grows, without insurance it grows, without knowing English or any language it grows, It’s eyes ears nose mouth, limbs, heart, all it’s veins grow. No matter how much money we may have or don’t have, no matter what color, race or religion the baby grows.  When the magic nine months passes that baby is ready to be born into this world. Who is responsible for giving that baby instructions on what to do? Something greater has provided those instructions that are wired into our DNA and duplicated throughout this planet we call earth. When you acknowledge this truth you will be inspired to think and allow your imagination to enlighten you. You’ll also feel a sense of peace and trust that Gods Got It.

During this contemplation you need to write down all the possible solutions that come to YOUR MIND.  When I say all the possibilities I mean all of them. Many people stop themselves from believing things are possible and dismiss the idea and never write it down because to them it seems impossible. Write all of your ideas in the space below. One time I had over 100 ideas for one problem I was trying to solve so feel free to use another sheet if needed . Only after you have completed this step should you move to the next step.

STEP FOUR on HOW TO PRAY FOR HEALING is arriving at a decision.  Of all the ideas you wrote down in step three which one seems like it would bring healing through prayer? Can you see yourself implementing the idea? Can you see yourself willing to do what is necessary to carry out this decision to its end? Image you yourself implementing each of these possible solutions. This will take some time, mental energy and IMAGINATION.  Take note of how your feel while imagining each solution.  After you have imaged yourself implementing these various solutions and the feelings each solution produced, then choose one or several solutions you will faithfully implement. WRITE DOWN YOUR CHOSEN DECISIONS BELOW.  Then go to step five.

STEP FIVE on HOW TO PRAY FOR HEALING is Act as if your prayer has been answered by the choice or choices you have made in step four.  Allow the universal energy to flow through you and everything that comes in contact with you. Have such a belief that the same power and force that instructed your very cells to grow when your parents conceived you is working right now in your life and that the universe is already preparing for you that which you need.  Think of this affirmation

“O son of being out of the wastes of nothingness with the clay of my command I made thee to appear and hath ordained for they training every atom in exists and the essence of all created things.  Thus ere thou doesn’t issue from thy mother’s womb.  I destined for thee two founts of gleaming milk eyes to watch over thee and heart to love thee.  It of my loving kindness neath the shade of my mercy I nurtured thee and guarded thee by the essence of my grace and favor. Any my purpose in all this is that though mightiest attain my everlasting dominion and become worthy of my invisible bestow all.”

In essence God provided all the infant needed without asking and God is providing your needs prior to you asking.

STEP SIX maintain that positive energy you had in step five. Detach yourself from all those whom have a different energy current than yours.  Think about it “fire and water cannot dwell together in one heart” neither can different belief systems.  If you believe your solution is possible and others don’t you must do all you can to maintain your positive energy.  It is that energy that will attract to you what you need like a magnet and it is this same magnetic energy that pushes its opposite force away from you.  MAINTAIN YOUR MAGNETIC ENERGY TO YOUR SOLUTION.

One thing I would personally do was to make Fridays my Day of Faith. On that day I wouldn’t talk I would just do.  IF I NEEDED TO COMMUNICATE SOMETHING IT WOULD HAVE TO BE IN ACTION.

I recommend you memorize this affirmation to help you maintain your energy.

“the essence of Faith is Fewness of words and an abundance of Deeds, he whose words exceed his deeds know verily his death is better than his life.”


These Steps on How TO PRAY FOR HEALING are the same steps I would use to Solve Difficult Problems.   Secondly I personally believe “unless the spirit be healed the cure of the body is worth nothing”. Third I also believe “If healing is right for the patient it will certainly be granted”.  Some ills, if cured will produce other side effects that can be worst. 

I know the world will be impacted by the solutions you have chosen to implement.

You have now completed the six steps on HOW TO PRAY FOR HEALING

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