long healing prayer

recitation Long Healing Prayer

Recitation of the Long Healing Prayer has been easier now than ever. Draw closer in your walk with God, download your the mp3 version that can be put onto your phone or laptop, then follow along. You can play it as a morning prayer, have it gently playing in the background throughout your day, or even soothe yourself to sleep. Focusing and meditating on the many attributes of God can help you make the prayer personal to you. Remember, He is your Healer. This page is dedicated to help you dive into a much closer communion with God and develop a deeper understanding of each attribute. Wen deepened, we can see how beautifully these attributes can affect our daily life. Start your personal journey reciting this 36 minute powerful prayer today. Below is a 3 minute sample however, click the download button to enjoy the full 36 minute prayer set to music.

"This has always been one of my favorite prayers. I was so happy to be able to just sit and listen to this beautiful rendition of the Long Healing Prayer. I was moved to tears! While listening I thought of all those in my life who were in need of healing of any kind. I am so glad to have this come to me." Thank you and Allah-u-Abha
"You did wonderful Job. God bless you more with all His bounties. Put more prayers in chanting and music. I forwarded your URL to all of my friends and seekers."

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