A Powerful Healing Prayer Audio You Should Use Daily

One Strong and Powerful Healing Prayer Audio

“This beautiful healing prayer audio rendition can be downloaded for free to strengthen and encourage anyone through their healing journey.”

This prayer for healing audio has a special potency , power, and promise for those who chant it, sing it, or read it with unquestioning faith and confidence.  For years, many have argued against the power of prayer in relation to healing.  However, if you have ever had your prayers answered you may have a testimony to its effects to your physical, emotional, or spiritual well being.  But scientifically, can it proven?  

Over 2.4 million people every year are seeking a special prayer that will help heal them from sickness, disease, emotional and even spiritual ailments that impact their daily lives.  Some turn towards common prayers found in the Bible, which can be found at the top of most searches.   I am about to introduce  you to a powerful prayer that has been for years been hidden in plain sight, that can truly impact your life.

Matthew 7:7 clearly states that “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Clearly, if you are here, you are seeking a prayer that will help heal you.  You asked, you sought, and I want you to know, you found it.  Now clearly, I am not here to argue it is the only powerful prayer in the world that will help you, because there are thousands readily available at your fingertips.  What I am about to introduce you to is a unique prayer that calls upon over 95 different attributes of God to help you through whatever circumstance that led you here. 

Thousands have used this prayer coupled with the healing prayer audio to help them through cancer treatments, before, during, and after surgery,  and even for depression.  Take a look at some of our testimonials to find how this beautiful, peaceful, and melodic impacted lives around the globe.

We are living in the time when the world on a global massive scale is in need of healing in a major way.   That’s why we want to offer this beautiful rendition for free.  It can be used as a daily prayer, morning prayer, and even bedtime prayer.  We have found many parents playing it for their kids as they fall asleep, while others use it as a reflection before the day, to call upon God.    

When you download it, I would love to urge you to try using it everyday for 30 days.  Then, let us know the impact that it has had on your healing journey.  Were you able to destress?  Reduce anxiety or feel some improvement to your overall well being that you could testify to its significance and impact on your daily life?  Let us know!  We would love to hear from you!

“Prayer for healing very timely and appreciated-all the sharing touched me-a family of prayer”.
Anne Lunt
“Overwhelmingly beautiful & powerful more prayer! More prayer!
Patricia Feels
This was my first glimpse into the Bahai Faith and what a powerful and most enlightening experience this was. Thank you ! I think this will be just the beginning for me. What a magnificent soul you are. I will be learning tonight changed.
Kristy Washburn

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