Healing Prayer for Blood Pressure

Healing Prayer for Blood Pressure

“The body of man is a compound of many constituent substances, each component being present in a prescribed amount, contributing to the essential equilibrium of the whole…….”`Abdu’l-Bahá

Sky Leeani

By Sky Leeani

This powerful healing prayer for blood pressure has a special potency to heal each and every single sick, diseased, and poor one.  It also promises that if chanted, read, sung, or used with unquestioning faith and confidence, it will draw you into a closer communion with God.

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-Healing Prayer Points for High Blood Pressure
-Benefits of Meditation and Healing through Prayer
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Free Digital Download of the Prayer for Healing Hypertension

“The outer, physical causal factor in disease, however, is a disturbance in the balance, the proportionate equilibrium of all those elements of which the human body is composed. To illustrate: the body of man is a compound of many constituent substances, each component being present in a prescribed amount, contributing to the essential equilibrium of the whole. So long as these constituents remain in their due proportion, according to the natural balance of the whole — that is, no component suffereth a change in its natural proportionate degree and balance, no component being either augmented or decreased — there will be no physical cause for the incursion of disease.”(From the Writings and Utterances of `Abdu’l-Bahá)

Healing Prayer Points For High Blood Pressure

Nearly half of adults suffer from blood pressure problems every single year(American Heart Association, 2017).  Look to your left, now look to your right.  Just know that your not alone.  

According to The Mayo Clinic, low and high blood pressure cause cause “dizziness and fainting”.  

When the blood pressure swings from one extreme to another, it can be a major life threatening circumstance.  

Other symptoms include tiredness, feeling groggy, and you may even experience the inability to concentrate for specific periods of time. 

Too often other scarier symptoms are caused when the blood pressure is in extreme levels. 

 If you have experienced a sudden feeling of being confused or your skin feels cold or even clammy, or you experience your heart beating rapidly, you must seek immediate attention by a physician.

Other problems can also occur due to this imbalance.   If blood pressure gets out of control, it can increase your likelihood to have a heart attack or even stroke.  

All of this can lead to frustration, anxiety, and increase your levels of stress.  It also impacts your ability to be happy.  The good news is that this can be managed through power of healing prayer.

Prayer For Healing Low Blood Pressure

The Long Healing Prayer promises to help heal every sick, poor, and diseased one.  This includes anyone struggling with the immediate effects of hypertension or blood pressures problems but also those that have a hard time with anxiety or stress related to their health.   

Utilizing this pray can help you draw into a closer relationship with God. 

 When recited, read, chanted, or even sung with unquestioning faith and confidence, it can provide health and healing for anyone struggling with high or low blood pressure.  

When we are physically out of balance, secondary symptoms are a result of this imbalance.  

Does Prayer Lower Blood Pressure?

Studies about healing through the power of prayer has been met with some controversy.  However, what has been found is that “prayer conveys all the same health benefits associated with meditation”(Andrade &  Radhakrishnan, 2009)

 The similar benefits of prayer and meditation include:

  • reduced blood pressure
  • reduced heart rate
  • boosts immune system
  • reduces anxiety
  • enhances self esteem
  • enhances positive mood
  • Increases spiritual health
  • increases tolerances for pain

So, if meditation and prayer has similar benefits, and one of the benefits is a possible reduction in hypertension, we want to share with you one of our favorite prayers for healing.

The Long Healing Prayer was written in the 1800’s first in Arabic, but then later it was translated into English.  There are several versions of the Prayer for Healing and this prayer holds a special promise for all those struggling with blood pressure problems and other diseases or sickness.  As you listen, you can meditate on the several different attributes of God that you are calling upon to help you in your time of need.

 Example of Meditating on the Attributes of God:
I Call on Thee O “Sovereign One”
A powerful  definition of Sovereign is “Having supreme rank or power”.

heal me lord prayer

Reflection upon this attribute of God is having the confidence that God is the ultimate supreme rank, and has the power, or authority over your blood pressure challenges. As you listen, meditate, or sing along, quietly ask God to exert his attributes to help you.  The greatest thing about this powerful prayer is that there are over 95 different attributes, all with their own unique  power or authority that God exemplifies. 

We invite you to download the healing prayer for free if you are struggling with these health concerns.  If you aren’t but know someone that is, feel free to share it with others, and we hope that in the future, we will hear back from you on how this prayer has helped change your life.  Become a fan, and subscribe to be apart of the future powerful prayers we set to music.

If something within your spirit moves you to donate to the cause, we could use all the love and support.  We look forward to making a meaningful impact among the world in need of healing, especially right now.

If you have loved ones that are in need of a prayer, We offer unique healing gift cards with the 36 minute cd within our healing gifts shop.  Check it out!

How To Pray for High Blood Pressure

Now knowing that prayer and meditation can potentially reduce blood pressure, the next question remains is how to pray for high blood pressure?

 The answers can be found in two of my favorite places, the “Dynamics of Prayer”, and “The Case of The Soy Bean Oil Filter”.

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