Healing Prayer for Paralysis

Healing Prayer for Paralysis

Now, if thou wishest to know the true remedy which will heal man from all sickness and will give him the health of the divine kingdom, know that it is the precepts and teachings of God. Focus thine attention upon them.” (‘Abdu’l-Bahá)

Sky Leeani

By Sky Leeani

This healing prayer for paralysis is for the one out of fifty people that live with it on a daily basis. According to a 2013 study on paralysis, over 5.4 million people every year are potentially suffering from the emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments that come with paralysis.  The special prayer for healing  has a strong potency and power to help heal each and every sick person that struggles with the immediate and after effects of being physically or emotionally paralyzed.  It is also for those that have a sense of fear, for those dealing with grief, sorrow, depression, and even anxiety. 

“There are two ways of healing sickness, material means and spiritual means. The first is by the treatment of physicians; the second consisteth in prayers offered by the spiritual ones to God and in turning to Him. Both means should be used and practised.” (‘Abdu’l-Bahá)

                                                        In this Blog:

– The Different Ailments that can possibly occur as a result of Paralysis

-The Two Secret types of Healing

-Learn About One Powerful Healing Prayer for Paralysis to Use as a Companion

Ailments that May Occur as a Result of Paralysis

A study shows that most people that live with paralysis have suffered from strokes, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy (A-Long, Fox, Fredine, Cahill, 2013).  If you are one of these people, then not only have you suffered from massive physical changes in your body but you also may not be able to do what you used to do.  This is entirely painful in itself to endure, especially when your sense of independence is gone.  One day you may have been taking a shower by yourself, but the next, you find yourself completely dependent upon another person to help you.  As a result, the secondary challenges that are common can be emotional, and spiritual which also impact your day-to-day activities.

If you are here, then you may have been seeking out a prayer for healing to be your companion to help you heal from of these struggles. See, often those that are affected by being paralyzed can run an overall emotional imbalance.  Some days feelings of sadness may overtake them, while other days anger becomes the new norm.  You may even suffer from worry, or fear.  Deep depression, hopelessness, and even suicidal thoughts may set it.  Although this list is not exhaustive, if you recognize any of these, just know that you’re not alone.  Over five million other people are also dealing with some of the same challenges.  There is help and healing for each of these and it can be found in this Healing Prayer.

     The Two Secret Ways of Healing for Paralysis

“There are two ways of healing sickness, material means and spiritual means. The first is by the treatment of physicians; the second consisteth in prayers offered by the spiritual ones to God and in turning to Him. Both means should be used and practised.

Illnesses which occur by reason of physical causes should be treated by doctors with medical remedies; those which are due to spiritual causes disappear through spiritual means. Thus an illness caused by affliction, fear, nervous impressions, will be healed more effectively by spiritual rather than by physical treatment. Hence, both kinds of treatment should be followed; they are not contradictory. Therefore thou shouldst also accept physical remedies inasmuch as these too have come from the mercy and favour of God, Who hath revealed and made manifest medical science so that His servants may profit from this kind of treatment also. Thou shouldst give equal attention to spiritual treatments, for they produce marvellous effects.

Now, if thou wishest to know the true remedy which will heal man from all sickness and will give him the health of the divine kingdom, know that it is the precepts and teachings of God. Focus thine attention upon them.” (‘Abdu’l-Bahá)

Many people have heard of the story of the paralyzed man in the Bible.  However, if you have not, the story can be found in Mark 2:3-5.  In a nutshell, four men brought a paralytic man to see Jesus but couldn’t get to Him because the crowd was so overwhelming.  What these men do next demonstrates a sense of strength in faith.  They put their faith to action.  Sometimes when we are looking for a miracle, we must step out in faith.  These men then hoisted the paralytic man down from the roof.  When Jesus saw this special act of courage and faith, He forgave his sins and healed the man. 

A big takeaway from this story here is the action(act of Faith).  These men took the steps needed to put their faith into action and healing took place as a result.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá said: Disease is of two kinds: material and spiritual.

Take for instance, a cut hand; if you pray for the cut to be healed and do not stop its bleeding, you will not do much good; a material remedy is needed.

Sometimes if the nervous system is paralyzed through fear, a spiritual remedy is necessary. Madness, incurable otherwise, can be cured through prayer. It often happens that sorrow makes one ill, this can be cured by spiritual means.”

                             One Powerful Healing Prayer for Paralysis

There is a powerful prayer for healing that I want to introduce you to that you may or may not have heard about before. You can download it for free here to use it as your companion to your daily prayer routine if you could like.   It is known as The Long Healing Prayer.  It was written in the 1800’s by a man named Baháʼu’lláh.  This significant prayer has a special potency and power to those that read, chant, sing, or use it.    It also holds with it, a strong promise.  The promise is that it will draw you into a much closer communion with God, as long as it is said with unquestioning faith and confidence!  How beautiful is that!

The Healing Prayer………”have been invested by Bahá’u’lláh with a special potency and significance, and should therefore be accepted as such and be recited by the believers with unquestioned faith and confidence, that through them they may enter into a much closer communion with God, and identify themselves more fully with His Laws and precepts.”Shoghi Effendi

What makes this Healing Prayer so special?  Well, first, it calls upon over 95 different attributes of God to help us in our time of need.  For example, these few attributes such as He is “The Healer”, “The Helper”, “The All-Forgiving”, The All-Merciful”.  When you call Upon God during times of grief, sorrow, and even desperation, we can reflect and call upon these special attributes that make God who He is. Ask for Him to demonstrate those specific attributes to us and through us when we need it the most.

prayer for healing
prayer for healing


It is so important to understand what each attribute means because then you can take your specific circumstance and find the attribute that pairs with your need.  Deep reflection into The Long Healing Prayer helps you understand Who God is. This can help bring you into a much closer communion with Him.  Our heart felt it was important to take a few moments from our life to put together the list of Gods Attributes from within this prayer and define their meanings.  You can download this here.(Or a quick search of a specific attribute will help clarify it)

An example of the use of an attribute, specific struggle, and the Healing Prayer:

If you are struggling with depression, call upon God as your “Helper” because remember, He loves you and cares for you.  When I saw this definition of Helper, I couldn’t help (no pun intended) but share it with you.

                                               A HELPER is defined as

“A person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose

God wants to contribute and fulfill your needs, and help in your effort to heal.  Another verse that comes to mind is Matthew 7: 7-8

“Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened”

The action of Asking and Calling Upon God as your Helper means you are seeking God.  If ye seek, ye shall find!  Ask God today to help you work through any of the challenges you may have as a result of paralysis. 

Another thing that makes this healing prayer so unique is that the melody it is set to, was designed in such a way, that most anyone can hum, chant, or sing along to it.  You can DOWNLOAD THE HEALING PRAYER AUDIO FOR FREE and you most definitely don’t have to be a professional and reach all the top notes.  Of course, you are free to add your own zest and reflections to the voice when you use it as a companion to your healing journey.  However, it was designed with you in mind so that you can use it as a morning prayer, a bedtimes prayer, and even just a daily prayer throughout your day-to-day routine.


In conclusion, there are over 5 million people living with paralysis each and every year and if you are one them, you are not alone.  If you’re struggling with emotional roller coasters, and can’t seem to find peace, this healing prayer is for you.  Download it or stream it for free daily.  Also, if are not in specific need but you know of a loved one that is, feel free to visit our healing gifts store.  There you will find our unique audio greeting card with the 36-minute cd, along with a free digital download with four pages of the prayer gently written on each of the pages.  The pastel card stock included allows for a special prayer message for your loved ones that can be customized or written there yourself when you send it.  Lastly, send us a prayer request for healing if you or a loved one is in need and our prayer warrior team will lift them up in our daily prayer routine. 

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